Thursday, December 27, 2012

Wedding Gown for Sale

I'm going to have to take some better quality pictures to show how truly beautiful this wedding gown is.  It is a Lady Roi gown, purchased in 2000.  It is a size 20 gown / 18 street clothes size.

This gown is customized with Italian Renaissance style sleeves.  It would be extremely easy to return the gown to its original tank style by unpicking the chiffon sleeves.  I'll even do it for you if you're interested and want that!

It is a princess ballgown silhouette in a gorgeous ivory satin with mocha satin details and embroidery that has Swarovski crystals accenting the embroidery on the bodice.  You will need your own hoop slip to get the full ballgown silhouette.

This gown has a Chapel length train with mocha buttons down the back, with custom french bustling added so you can dance in it (sorry I don't have any pictures of it with the bustle up, but will take some!).

This is the closest to true color - the other images are more pink than reality

This gown cost $500, and I'm asking for $300.  I'm willing to set up an account on etsy or elsewhere for safe transactions, and very willing to take better pictures as soon as I'm able.

Please spread the word to anyone you know who may be interested.  This is a great dress for a winter wedding with the sleeves as-is, or as I said before, easily converted back into a tank.

Friday, December 21, 2012

In the Beginning...

New craft/sewing/art space!  And yet with some dismay, I admit this is what it looked like as of 8:00 pm last night.
View from the Stairs
View from the back corner

It feels a bit overwhelming because one key piece of furniture is my sewing desk, which I don't yet own.  It's a Christmas gift from my wonderful husband, but we've yet to take the trip out to Ikea to pick it up.  I've already picked it out though, so that's half the battle.  It just feels awkward to try to unpack space when that is missing.  I'll do my best though!

A couple challenges:  The dark paneled walls. I hates them.  I don't have the resources or time to deal with that right now though.

Flickering fluorescent lights.  This is a major problem that MUST be addressed.  My brother is an electrician whom I hope to bribe into doing some work for me to fix this up (track lighting would make my heart so very happy!).  But I can't wait for that to be done before fixing up and unpacking everything.  There are tasks to be done!

I'll provide updates as I progress with organizing and putting this hot mess in order.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Hello?  *tap tap*  Is this thing on?

Where did 2012 go?  Remember this post of not all that ambitious goals?  Time to lay it all out there.  Well, you already know the truth if you read this.  2012 has been a crazy year of change for me, steeped in both disasters and awesomeness.

The only thing I completed on that list was to do a little calligraphy teaching.  I almost feel guilty for my lack of product and momentum.  But I don't! Hah!

This year I got married, had a series of major home issues including a basement flood, kitchen sink flood/pipe issues, broken dishwasher, broken fridge, and spent time out of town for a wedding reception back east.  Oh yeah... and we bought a house!  Woo!  This of course meant packing and moving, which has consumed all our time for the last several months.

We're in the home-stretch now though, and I am so very relieved and excited to get back onto a regular schedule, and to feel at home in a place that feels safe from disasters, and spacious.  We went from tiny and cramped to this light and airy divinity!

It's a major breath of relief.  I swear I almost hear an angelic chorus when I step into the house.  Oh yeah.  And we adopted a kitten.

Note that Miss Sim Sim Salabim is not too pleased with the new baby boy as clearly shown by her look of displeasure above (She's on the floor, looking up angrily).

I will be working on my craft studio shortly, and I intend to take before and after photos because the space is awesome but right now it's FULL of boxes and bins.  I also need to change out the fluorescent lights for something much more easy on the eyes and color-true.

Wish me luck!

Friday, October 26, 2012

From the Archive...

Once upon a time there was this splendidly awesome woman whom we all lovingly call Beth-a-Val.  Valerie, known as Bethany in the SCA, who was asked to sit vigil for admittance into the Order of the Laurel.

For those not in the SCA, when one goes on vigil, it's similar in theory to a period knight's vigil, but without all the religious connotations and the kneeling all night part...  Ok, it's not at all like a period vigil.  But the intent is to prepare the individual mentally for the step they're about to take.  This includes being sequestered, and people come to visit you one at a time to give advice, ask questions, and occasionally provide gifts.

Part of the visitation is that people sign a book with their well-wishes while they wait their turn.  I was asked to draw artwork for the cover of Bethany's vigil book, which was intended to be tooled into a leather book cover.  The book never came to fruition, but I did complete the artwork request.

For those who know the Beth-a-Val, you already know her love of foxes.  She is also an accomplished musician, particularly on the recorder.  So of course I did a whimsical musician fox within the laurel wreath.  I'm sad this book never came to light, but here's a sketch for your enjoyment.  Because sharing is caring, of course. 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Versatile Blogger


My beautiful Noelle-friend from Adventures of a Wanna-Be Seamstress nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award.  Such a sweet thing, especially considering my activity here has been very slow ever since my basement flood.  Thank you, Noelle.  You have totally made my day.

Now we're in the process of buying a home, and will be moving in two weeks!  Eek!  But once things are settled there, I'm planning to be much more active here.

The rules are:

1) Thank and link back to the person who nominated you
2) Paste the award to your blog
3) Tell 7 things about yourself
4) Nominate up to 15 other blogs

Seven things about me!

1) I'm a member of the SCA, and have been for about 16 years. I became a member of the order of the Laurel for my calligraphy and illumination, but since about 2004 I've been obsessed with costuming (but not so quick with the learning and applying my education to making things).

2) I'm a newlywed, and my hubby is very supportive of my insanity.

3) I have a dangerous addiction to buying fabric. I'm going to have to put a moratorium on buying anything until I've used up stuff from the stash.

4) My mother taught me some basic embroidery skills when I was about 10; something I have built on a bit but have goals to use more in my costuming. Like my mother, however, I have a large unfinished cross-stitch project that stares me in the face.

5) My sewing skills are largely self-taught... I'm not sure I can count that 7th Grade home economics class too much. I remember sewing a "C" shaped pillow in that class, that most thought was a neck pillow.

6) I would love to start doing calligraphy on a professional basis. Not sure how to get to that point, but it's a goal.

7) I have recovered from Graves' Disease. One of my most prominent symptoms was hand tremors, which for someone who loves being creative with my hands, was most devastating. I feel very blessed that this appears to have passed without surgery or drastically killing my thyroid.

Nominate other Blogs

  • Opusanglicanum - Aside from being delightfully charming, her embroidery knocks my socks off.
  • Mistress of Disguise - Entertaining and ridiculously skilled at both costuming and prosthetic makeup. Quite the repertoire!
  • Eulalia Hath a Blog - Her research is detailed, and she makes me want to do earlier period dress. Not many can do that!
  • Romantic History - She does a wide variety of periods in her dressmaking, and her finishing work is impeccable, all while caring for a house full of children. Amazing!
  • Dragon's Scriptorium - A place for the SCA Scribes of Drachenwald to post their works. I wish Artemisia would do this.
  • Caravan of Elephants - Hannah's work never fails to impress me. I hope to meet her soon; we live in the same Kingdom, after all!
  • See Jane Sew - Jane is a total riot, and ambitious as hell. Love this lady.
  • TrulyHatBlog - Truly's skills as a hatmaker blow my mind. She has invested so much into her craft, I am in awe.
  • HollyIggyMom - Holly's zibillino are THE standard to meet (except you don't have to, because she'll sell you one).  Her jewelry is seriously the bomb.  She makes me feel pretty.  If I manage to get myself together to do what I want for Solstice Court, I totally want her to make me one of her new bird guys.  Work on a bluebird, Holly!

I follow about eleventy-gazillion other blogs, and they all deserve some kudos, but this time, I'm hanging my hat up here.

Monday, October 15, 2012

When Costuming and Scribal Arts Collide

A while back I was asked to do a scroll in a "16th Century Dutch Style," which led me to doing some research to see if such a thing is feasible in the timeline desired. Most peeps in the scribal community are familiar with the Flemish style aka "squashed bug" style of illumination. The technical term is trompe l'eoile. So I had a vague clue, but didn't know a solid time frame on this style. The thing I found interesting is that this style is known as the Ghent-Bruges school. Many students of said school were from Southern Flanders and decided to wander further south, making a living in the fabulosity that is Italy.

The most notable Ghent-Bruges piece I've run across is the Grimani Breviary (yes, Italy, you soak up all that is awesome). (By the way, if any of you have a rich benefactor, please get them to send me a facsimile copy of the Grimani Breviary!)

So, here's the interesting part, for those interested in costuming. Check out fol 228 v. The clothing seems to be an interesting mix of Flemish and Italian... but what is up with the lady on the third row up, on the left? What is that on her head?

Details of fol. 228 v. from the Grimani Breviary

Monday, September 24, 2012

Thank You Cards

One important task after weddings is, of course, thank you cards.  My wonderful husband and I perused many options throughout several stores to find a thank you card that we wanted to use.  It was not an easy task.

We finally found a blank card with a silver foil border around a blank front.  I offered to hand-calligraph the fronts.  This became a bit of an arduous task in that as a historic calligrapher, I have tended to focus on hands (aka fonts or alphabets for those who are not familiar with the terminology) that are not commonly used on things like wedding cards.

Gothic Textura Quadrata didn't flow well with the foil card design, looking awkward and out of place.  Humanist is boring, and Uncial looked out of place, along with another handful of options.  So I took a bit of a risk and dusted off my skills at Chancery Italic, which I haven't used since college.  It was rocky to say the least.  I really struggled to get the letters to sit at the right vertical angle, and futzed for what seemed like hours to find a flourish design that wasn't over the top, imbalanced, and messy.

I have a new found respect for modern calligraphers now.  I also finally found a good reason to use my purple ink.

Unfortunately not all papers are created equal, and the card paper was not ideal for calligraphy.  It did bleed a bit, and didn't flow well.  But the job is done, and most of them turned out decent enough to actually use.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Wedding Favor

My husband and I recently celebrated a combined wedding reception on the East Coast with my Father-in-Law and his new bride.  Joe asked me to design a coffee mug with our names and wedding dates to be given out as wedding favors.

At first I was hesitant, because I thought it would be silly to do hand calligraphy on something that could be done by computer much more quickly and uniformly.  Then Justin explained that I had creative license to design something between the names.  Interest piqued. 

I went with a Gothic Textura Quadrata hand with some cadel flourishes.  I was sorely tempted to doctor up the results in photoshop, as numbers are a particular weakness of mine, but I let them fly with all their glorious imperfections.  I then designed a fleur de lis within lined flourishes, and an infinity symbol featuring the word "Love."  The mugs turned out quite nice.

We're all sweaty after several hours of dancing (with crazy party favors!)

Laughing through the "posed" picture

Super sweet picture of my parents (notice the wedding favors on the table behind them!)

Friday, July 27, 2012

General Update

I try not to post too much here that is overly personal, mainly because that's what other pages are for.  You're here for the arts and junk, am I right?  I'm breaking that general rule now, but this is slightly related, so forgive me.

I was slated to finish the Kirk tunic this week, in time for Field of the Clothe of Gold.  I worked on it Saturday and felt confident that with Sunday to work on it, and Tuesday to finish it (being a local State holiday), I'd be set to finish both the tunic and make a scroll.  It was not to be.

Sunday morning we ran errands and when I went to the basement at about 2:00 pm to get working, I discovered that the entire basement was flooded.  The carpets in both Sven's office (from which he works daily - a critical part of our livelihood), and my studio were saturated.  There was standing water in the storage closet and at the foot of the stairs, and some water/wetness pretty much everywhere else.

Sunday was therefore spent tracking down the landlords, and disconnecting/moving all electronics in addition to starting the investigation of where on earth the water came from.   The landlords left our home with no answer after looking at all pipes, indoor and out, running sinks,  etc., as well as inspecting ceilings and walls.  They had no answers. Monday was spent emptying the carpeted rooms of everything (no easy task, I assure you), so a carpet guy could come suck up water and start some fans to dry them out.  He couldn't find any answers either.  Add a professional plumber to the list of people who checked everything out to determine a cause. 

The carpets are now dry and tacked back down.  This is a mighty big blessing, as the smell of wet carpet pads and added humidity in the house were making life miserable.  The baseboards and paint job in my studio are in poor shape.  I'd care much more if it were my own home, but as it is, we're likely only to be here a few more months.

It's time to start moving things back in, but must do so in a careful manner, as the cause was never determined, and I worry it will happen again.  I did have some patterns ruined from the mess, but nothing critical or heart-wrenching.  I did have a moment of panic about my Moda a Firenze book though.  Luckily it was sitting on top of some cardboard which soaked up water before getting to the book. 

So anyway, have you ever had disaster strike your "creative zone?"  How did you cope?

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Kirk

A few months ago, Sven asked me to make him a Norse tunic inspired by Captain Kirk's gold uniform.  While not necessarily period, I'm making certain concessions because this is what my husband wants, it's fun and silly, and hopefully a few people will "get it," and it will make them smile.  In searching the wonderful web for images, I found two distinctly different uniforms.

The difference here is the gold bands around the wrists (congratulations, Captain Obvious).  Sven picked out a braided gold trim, and asked that we go with two bands instead of trying to do three as the top version has.  I'm glad for many reasons, not the least of which is that middle band appears to be broken/woven into the fabric or something.  Hooray for the easy way out!

The tunic is coming along nicely.  I am felling my seams by machine instead of by hand in order to finish this in time for him to wear to an event on July 28th (which I also have to finish a scroll by, on top of some other artistic endeavors with deadlines).  I am hand sewing and felling the underarm gussets, however.  This is because every time I try to do those by machine I bugger them up.

I also hand finished the neck facing.  Here's some poorly photographed evidence.  More photos will come after it's all finished.

Have you ever used modern things as inspiration for your historical dress?  If so, I'd love to hear about it!

Monday, June 25, 2012


My husband is a scholar, and as such goes through quite a few bookmarks.  He likes to leave them in various books to reference later.  His favorite bookmarks are these woven rug bookmarks (also commonly found at Barnes and Noble and other local bookstores).

He likes the soft ones not just because they're beautiful, but they also never cause damage to the books from being too thick or having sharp edges.  He tends to go through a lot of them, however, and it can get expensive.

I got the idea in my head that I could use pieces of leftover trim that are too short to do anything with to make him some soft bookmarks.

It worked quite well.  I cut bookmark length pieces of scrap trim that I was hanging on to for some unknown reason (honestly, 18" of trim isn't enough to do much with!).  I then sealed the edges with a few drops of Dritz fray check.  This was especially important for the woven trim on top.  That one is a much more complicated weave and is a thicker trim.  Once the fray check dried, I had several nice, soft bookmarks for him, and felt accomplished to have found a use for that useless trim.

I thought I'd share this here because costumers and scribal artists tend to have a reference library, and this is much prettier than using torn pieces of paper to mark your pages; we're all about spreading the pretty!

In retrospect I should probably have pressed the trim first (they were wrapped around cardboard squares for storage), so now they like to curl a bit, but this isn't a problem when pressed inside a book, and you can learn from my mistake.  You're welcome.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Baronial Charter

Monday I went to a scribal scribble night at HE Bianca's home to help give pointers on calligraphy.  I was thrilled when Bianca pulled this out of her scroll collection.  It is the Baronial Charter that Bethany and I collaborated on back when Gryphon's Lair made the jump from Shire to Barony in 2005.  I'm amused that Thorvald and Bianca have still yet to sign it.

Calligraphy by me, Illumination by Bethany of Windermere.  Sorry for the poor quality picture - I took a photo with my sad phone.  We're hoping to take a nice high quality scan so we can share this piece of history on the Baronial website.

Find where Titivillus slapped me.  It's a fun game!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Pelican Promissory

Four days prior to Uprising War, I received a phone call asking me to do a peerage scroll for someone I've always admired.  Gwynnyth verch Morgan was my Seneschal during my exchequer years, and we've gone through quite a bit together.  Of course I was delighted, but knew the time frame was impossible, particularly since I hadn't finished Jane's Golden Maple Leaf quite yet.

Master Azir felt confident that it would mean the most coming from me, and insisted that I be the one to do the scroll despite the time frame problems.  I agreed to do a promissory note, and then to do a fully illuminated piece later.

Due to the rush I was in, I'm sad to say this is far from my best calligraphy.  It's done on a half sheet of pergamenata with Higgins Eternal ink.  Also, even though I treated the page with pounce prior to inking, there were quite a few places the ink refused to lay down.  I'm going to have to be more cautious about laying my arm on the page when wearing short sleeves.  I was wearing gloves, but forgot to put down a paper towel like I usually do.

2012-06-13190029, Uploaded from the Photobucket Android App

I'm excited about doing her full manuscript page as she is as crazy about dragonflies as I am, so I can litter the piece with bugs.  This probably means I'll do a Flemish style page... We shall see!

Would you be interested in following said scroll in a project diary of sorts, seeing progress shots and the like?

Monday, June 18, 2012

Golden Maple Leaf

For those not Artemisian (or even not players in the SCA), The Order of the Golden Maple Leaf is an award given to those who have shown prowess in the arts and sciences of pre-17th Century. It bears an Award of Arms, if the recipient doesn't already carry one, and is held dear to my heart.

I have been watching Jane Fox grow as an artist since I met her a few short years ago, sporting an amazing Elizabethan made of delicious red silk damask.  She eagerly dove into the world of 16th Century costuming to great effect.  After she won the Novice seamstress category in the Artemisian Costuming Challenge, I knew their Majesties would surely see what I did and I submitted a letter of recommendation for her to receive admittance into the Order of the Golden Maple Leaf, and offered to do the scroll should they see fit to do so.

Clearly they are both wise and gracious.  This piece is done with gouache on pergamenata, based on the Hours of Bonaparte Ghislieri, Use of Rome c. 1500ish below:

Uploaded from the Photobucket Android App

I chose this piece because of the bright red which reminded me of that silk gown, and because of the jewels and pearls, and what appear to be auches which are often used to decorate late period dress.

I had to tape the bugger down to my art stand because the perg kept curling (anyone have tips on this annoyance?), but I use architects tape, which does not damage the paper and can be easily pealed off.  I do wish I'd had a little more time to fuss with this as I'd have liked to shade down the gold even more, but alas deadlines cannot be avoided.

Doing this piece also reminded me how much fun pearls are to paint.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Those who do not Craft, Shop.

Quest has come and gone, and was a most excellently fun event, despite the seriously craptastic weather.  Between wind and torrential rain, we were cold and wet all weekend.  But we had awesome company, great conversation, and a fire pit to ward off the chills a bit.

My goal was to get a photograph of Sven in his red and black tunic that I made last year (but yet to have a picture of), but alas it was not meant to happen.

I am partly done with one scroll that has been in my queue since April (shame).  It is to be given out at Uprising, so this weekend is slated to do a lot of painting.  Pictures will follow after it has been awarded.  This is my first experience working on pergamenata, and it has been interesting.  A full review to follow later.

I am super excited to share with you my latest shopping haul.

I have been massively in love with early Tudor styles for years, so The Queen's Servants was a must-have.  I expect it will take me quite some time to actually make something from it, but now I have the book in order to do so.

I'm so stoked about scoring a copy of Old Italian Patterns for Linen Embroidery.  This is a rare piece.  I struggle calling it a book since really it's a book shaped folder full of loose-leaf patterns that are tied into place. with this really cool bound envelope dealio.  Really, I should have taken photos of the inside...

I drooled upon Noelle's copy (and even made copies of a few of my favorite patterns, but they were destroyed in the craft studio flood a year and a half ago (the photocopies, not Noelle's original - I'd just die!).  It's a difficult "book" to find, and when you can find it, it's usually quite expensive.  That was my experience, anyway.  After a year or so of looking (and only finding it in the $100 + range), I found one for $30.  It took about 0.35 seconds to click BUY.  I believe there are a few more copies out there on Amazon if anyone's interested.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

My Weakness

My weakness?  A fabric sale.  Admit it, costumers, fabric sales are wallet-slimming fiends! had a sale on their medium weight linen last week, so I demanded that Sven pick out a few colors for tunics.  He picked out the royal purple and autumn gold.  I'm told the autumn gold is for a "Kirk" inspired tunic *snerk*.  I picked up some black and white for the stash  That stuff is always handy to have around.

The darks are in the wash now, for pre-shrinkage.  I still hope to have a new undershirt done for Sven for Quest, but I haven't even started it and it's two weeks away.  Where has my time run away to?

I have sadly gotten in the very bad habit of sitting in front of the TV after work, and it is draining all my time away.  We're tempted to cancel our Netflix account to curb our potato-ing.  Tonight we have guests coming over, so I may not get started yet again.  But tomorrow, I have no excuse!  This weekend will be full of shenanigans at the Utah Renfest and other social obligations.  

In other, completely unrelated news, I have been playing with different braids/braiding techniques lately.  The hair is back down to my waist again, and it's been a ton of fun to play around.  Today's adventure is two dutch braids that are wound around each other to make a braided spiral in the back.  Excuse the poor photo - it's surprisingly difficult to take a picture of the back of your own head with a smart phone.  Also, it's nearing the end of a sort of crazy day, so I have loose wild hairs.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

No Progress - Plenty of Plans!

With camping season upon me, my crafting priorities need to shift.  I did not complete some of my goals, but c'est la vie.  These items will remain "In the queue" and will eventually happen.

I have two scribal projects in the works, one with no real deadline, the other with a loose one.  More info on that as I have progress to share and/or they are complete and presented to their new owners.

With Quest for Atlantis around the corner, I need to make Sven a new norse undershirt, for he only has one!  For shame!  That's top on my list of priorities.  After that, I'd like to dig up my plans from last year for my Elizabethan Jacket. Yeah, I plan in the long-term, because I'm super slow at completion.  The exciting thing is I have two awesome fabrics suitable for such jackets.  Remember this?  It wants to be another 'Bethan jacket.  I will be taking quite a bit of inspiration from Drea Leed's jacket.

I've also procured some new fabrics for more Norse tunics for Sven.  Autumn Gold and Royal Purple linen.  I think he wants one for Quest, but I'm not sure I can make that happen. <---SLOW SEAMSTRESS!!

We have some friends who may come to Quest with us, and who may need help garbing for the event.  I have some older items which may work, if cinched in and so forth.  I hope to know soon, so we can figure things out.  We also need to dig out all our camping gear, take inventory, and figure out what we need.  Bleh.

And since no blog shall be left picture-less, here's a sweet miniature of Bess of Hardwick wearing a super cute 'Bethan jacket.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hair Clips

Yes, I am still alive.  The last few months have been a whirlwind of preparations and insanity as my beloved and I planned our wedding, and ultimately tied the knot.

Due to all this amazingly awesome chaos in my life, I haven't done anything creative in a while; something that is changing post-haste.  I have quite a few projects lined up that I'm very excited about.  I won't be spilling the beans on them just yet though.

For now, take a look at these hair clips I made for my wedding day.  They were quite easy, and the overall effect was both whimsical and elegant - contradictory in all things, as are my dear husband and I.

I started with a simple alligator clip, which I inserted a scrap of plastic or foil, depending on what was available at the time, inside the clip.  This was to keep me from gluing the clip closed.  A piece of paper would also work, though might be harder to pull away from the dried glue.  You may end up with a tiny bit of it permanently inside the clip, depending on the kind of clip you use, but it won't show.

I then cut apart some fake flowers I purchased, and removed the heavy plastic bottom receptacle/sepal combo piece, and trimmed the stem as short as possible.  I then hot glued the flowers to the alligator clip.  As the sepal and stem are what keeps fake flowers held together, I had to put tiny dabs of hot glue between the layers of the petals, to keep everything from just falling apart.  But hot glue works wonders!  (I recommend a low-temperature hot glue gun - burns are no fun.)

The Crystal branches were a bit of a strange brainchild.  I found some clear crystal drops at Michaels that were already shaped onto branches, which would have easily been glued on, but I wanted to add some ruby red Swarovski crystals into the mix.  This meant untwisting the wire branches, pulling all the clear crystals off, and slowly rebuilding it my way.  It would have been much simpler starting with fresh unused jewelers wire.

I made four clips in total - three were used in my hair, and one was clipped to the front of my red wrap dress as an accent on the sash.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentines Day Surprise

I don't generally post private things about my life in this blog, as it's designed to share my artistic endeavors, not my personal business.  However, this is so huge I have to share.

On Valentines Day, my dear sweet man proposed to me, and I replied with "definitely."  So here's to the man of my dreams.  I love him.

The Mr. and I, hanging out in Times Square, April 2010

Thanksgiving, 2011 (Photo by Morgan Goudy)

On the arts/crafts front... I have done very little so far this year.  I did calligraphy on two pieces, which are being illuminated by Bethany.  Hopefully I can get pictures of the finished products to share.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

2012 Goals

It's a new year!  So what does 2012 have in store for Crystal?  Well, so far it's been nothing but illness and Star Wars: The Old Republic.  Not that crafty.

I do have goals though!

  1. Make a favor for my champion and my lord (yes, they are two different people).
  2. Make the red eggplant silk veste to go with my ACC butter yellow sottana.
  3. Make the beaded partlet to go with said veste.
  4. That long talked-about, but nary a cut to the fabric Jacobean/Elizabethan Jacket.
  5. Make a wool zimarra with applique/embroidery/some other form of awesome.
  6. Start teaching calligraphy again.
  7. Make something with my silverpoint kit.  Even if it's just a trial.
  8. On the "maybe this year" list is a wool flanders dress.