Friday, June 22, 2012

Baronial Charter

Monday I went to a scribal scribble night at HE Bianca's home to help give pointers on calligraphy.  I was thrilled when Bianca pulled this out of her scroll collection.  It is the Baronial Charter that Bethany and I collaborated on back when Gryphon's Lair made the jump from Shire to Barony in 2005.  I'm amused that Thorvald and Bianca have still yet to sign it.

Calligraphy by me, Illumination by Bethany of Windermere.  Sorry for the poor quality picture - I took a photo with my sad phone.  We're hoping to take a nice high quality scan so we can share this piece of history on the Baronial website.

Find where Titivillus slapped me.  It's a fun game!