Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Pelican Promissory

Four days prior to Uprising War, I received a phone call asking me to do a peerage scroll for someone I've always admired.  Gwynnyth verch Morgan was my Seneschal during my exchequer years, and we've gone through quite a bit together.  Of course I was delighted, but knew the time frame was impossible, particularly since I hadn't finished Jane's Golden Maple Leaf quite yet.

Master Azir felt confident that it would mean the most coming from me, and insisted that I be the one to do the scroll despite the time frame problems.  I agreed to do a promissory note, and then to do a fully illuminated piece later.

Due to the rush I was in, I'm sad to say this is far from my best calligraphy.  It's done on a half sheet of pergamenata with Higgins Eternal ink.  Also, even though I treated the page with pounce prior to inking, there were quite a few places the ink refused to lay down.  I'm going to have to be more cautious about laying my arm on the page when wearing short sleeves.  I was wearing gloves, but forgot to put down a paper towel like I usually do.

2012-06-13190029, Uploaded from the Photobucket Android App

I'm excited about doing her full manuscript page as she is as crazy about dragonflies as I am, so I can litter the piece with bugs.  This probably means I'll do a Flemish style page... We shall see!

Would you be interested in following said scroll in a project diary of sorts, seeing progress shots and the like?