Friday, January 30, 2015

Saccoccia Largesse

When my beautiful Baroness made a cry for largesse to give to visiting nobles at our premier court event, 12th Night, I almost immediately knew what I wanted to do. A few weeks following this event, there was to be a Masked Ball in another Barony, with an Italian theme. So I chose to make a few saccoccias so that the lovely ladies would have an Italian accessory to sport.

I'm afraid that these are far from my best work - I'm a bit rusty with the needle these days, and I was having fights with the iron as well as the fabric.  But they are what they are!

The first is a lovely green damask (cut from a curtain I picked up at a thrift store!), lined in a horrible, evil, shreddy nasty satin. The lining pealed out of the sewn front slit like a banana, when I was flipping the lining inside where it belongs. So I had to make bias tape from the same evil satin (hiss), to clean up that hot mess. Don't we all have fabrics in our stash that were purchased unwittingly over a dozen years ago that we are a bit ashamed of?

The second is a brocade from my stash lined in a similarly evil satin, but it behaved a bit better on this one. I added a silk wrapped button as a pointless decoration for the fun of it, left over from my eggplant veste project. This one has a more rounded, tear shaped bottom.

The third is a bit of damask left over from my butter sottana from the Artemisian Costuming Challenge, lined in white linen. The casing for the belt is made of ivory silk taffeta.