Friday, October 26, 2012

From the Archive...

Once upon a time there was this splendidly awesome woman whom we all lovingly call Beth-a-Val.  Valerie, known as Bethany in the SCA, who was asked to sit vigil for admittance into the Order of the Laurel.

For those not in the SCA, when one goes on vigil, it's similar in theory to a period knight's vigil, but without all the religious connotations and the kneeling all night part...  Ok, it's not at all like a period vigil.  But the intent is to prepare the individual mentally for the step they're about to take.  This includes being sequestered, and people come to visit you one at a time to give advice, ask questions, and occasionally provide gifts.

Part of the visitation is that people sign a book with their well-wishes while they wait their turn.  I was asked to draw artwork for the cover of Bethany's vigil book, which was intended to be tooled into a leather book cover.  The book never came to fruition, but I did complete the artwork request.

For those who know the Beth-a-Val, you already know her love of foxes.  She is also an accomplished musician, particularly on the recorder.  So of course I did a whimsical musician fox within the laurel wreath.  I'm sad this book never came to light, but here's a sketch for your enjoyment.  Because sharing is caring, of course.