Monday, October 15, 2012

When Costuming and Scribal Arts Collide

A while back I was asked to do a scroll in a "16th Century Dutch Style," which led me to doing some research to see if such a thing is feasible in the timeline desired. Most peeps in the scribal community are familiar with the Flemish style aka "squashed bug" style of illumination. The technical term is trompe l'eoile. So I had a vague clue, but didn't know a solid time frame on this style. The thing I found interesting is that this style is known as the Ghent-Bruges school. Many students of said school were from Southern Flanders and decided to wander further south, making a living in the fabulosity that is Italy.

The most notable Ghent-Bruges piece I've run across is the Grimani Breviary (yes, Italy, you soak up all that is awesome). (By the way, if any of you have a rich benefactor, please get them to send me a facsimile copy of the Grimani Breviary!)

So, here's the interesting part, for those interested in costuming. Check out fol 228 v. The clothing seems to be an interesting mix of Flemish and Italian... but what is up with the lady on the third row up, on the left? What is that on her head?

Details of fol. 228 v. from the Grimani Breviary