Friday, May 13, 2011

Norse Pants

Sven, the long-suffering boyfriend, is in need of pants to wear with his tunics at events. Last summer (wow, has it really been that long?), Serafina helped me cut and serge the pieces for two pairs of fabulous linen pants - one black, one espresso. She then left it up to me to finish them. This of course means I haven't done anything with them. I did finish his linen undershirt, and I'll call that a success.

Knowing we have several camping events coming up, I thought I ought to dust off these projects and finish them, so he doesn't have to run around either in heavy jeans (eeewh!), or pantsless... which I might be okay with, but most others won't appreciate it.

The black pants were mostly finished already, only needing a waistband and hem at the legs. The espresso pair was in pieces. Last night I decided to work on the espresso pair so that it was at the same stage as the black. I still need to press the seams, but I'm ready to insert a waistband. This is going to be a casing with a *cough* elastic band *cough* and back-up drawstring.

Sven is not concerned with authenticity and only attends SCA events to support me. He's not interested in this game I play. This is why I'm choosing to add this modern comfort for him. These have never been intended for any kind of competition, and the band will be hidden by tunic and belts anyway.