Thursday, May 5, 2011

Custom Tarot Cards - Eye Candy Edition

In a bright and glorious spring of 2005, the ever lovely and (disgustingly) talented (then Lady, now Mistress) Bethany of Windermere offered up her talents for a fundraiser at an event I was helping out with. I've done a great number of collaborative works with Bethany, and let's face it... she makes my work look good.

The autocrats decided to do a fighter auction of sorts, wherein the winning fighter's "owner" would receive a prize. The caveat was that in addition to buying fighters, you could purchase tarot cards that did specific things to affect the fights. For example, if you purchased the "Death" card, your fighter would be replaced by the well-renowned fighter, and King at the time, Sean Kirkpatrick Tarragon for that fight. You could choose when to play your card. Each card had a different function. If I remember correctly, the "Fool" Card replaced the opposing fighter's great-sword with a half-length great-sword.

These are the four cards that Bethany designed and painted. Those who purchased the cards got to keep them as keepsakes - they were on canvas board, and these images do not do them justice. They are published here with her permission.

The Sun. A tribute to Aldwin "Scruffy" Longwalker, and a tip of the hat to our former parent Kingdom, Atendveldt. There is a Grant level award named the Golden Sun in Splendour, in honor of Scruffy, may he rest in peace.

The Empress. Her ever graceful and inspiring Caryn von Katzenberg; who was Queen at the time of this event. There is very little that can be said about Her Grace; she is legend.

Death. If you are at all familiar with Duke Sean's device, you will recognize the tabard on the card. Sean Kirkpatrick Tarragon was King at the time of this event, and has always been deadly on the field.

The Fool. This card is inspired by Maestro Don Niccolo Gianfigliazzi Genovese, who single-handedly inspired the interest in period gaming (including French Tarots), to Artemisia. He has since left us for Caid, and is greatly missed.