Friday, June 3, 2011

Shoes! (A Review)

I was thrilled to pieces when I got my 16th Century slashed shoes.

I bought the black pair. I did find that these run quite large, and are very wide - great for those with wide feet, but beware if you don't. I got a size seven for my 6 1/2 foot (they do not have half-sizes), and have to stuff a significant amount of tissue in the toe. I'm certain a size six would have been better.

These have a quality hardened leather sole. For my tender footsies, I have opted to insert an insole for padding as I do tend to be on my feet a lot when at events. A tiny corner of the insole does show in the slashing on the inside of the foot, but not enough to be terribly distracting - I could also darken the insole with a sharpie to make it disappear into the black leather if it bothered me.

One issue with the hardened leather sole is that it is very slippery. I am a known clutz, so this is a dangerous thing for me. I picked up some non-slip grip pads from a drug store that have a sticky backing and stuck them to area equivalent to the balls of my feet. This helped the slippery factor significantly, but I have noticed that they fall off/disappear over the course of every event I've worn them at. I don't want to keep incurring the cost of re-applying new sole-grippers every weekend. Back in my dance days, if we were about to go on a stage that was particularly slippery, we'd slap a piece of duct tape on our shoes to help grip... not sure how well that would work here, and it seems a bit ghetto. So I'm in search of a long-term solution.

All this aside, I'm very pleased with the quality and workmanship of the shoes, and would definitely try another style from this company.