Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Scribal Project Sneak Peek

I'm in the middle of a scribal project which has left me a bit angsty. I'm doing it in a celtic style which is completely unforgiving for brush wibbles and squiggles. To further annoy me, Uncial used to be my strongest hand, and it is soooo very not anymore. Ladies and gentlemen, Calligraphy is not like riding a bike. Unless you practice your hands, you will lose them.

I do wish I had time to scratch it and restart, but alas I'm committed due to time restraints. The good news? I do like the birdy's face. After this is given out, I'll post the whole image.

On a different topic, I offered my blackwork to Serafina for her elevation (or for whatever - her choice!) because I *heart* her. She busted her ass to make me look good at my elevation, and this is the least I could do. I'm super excited to see what she does with it.