Monday, June 13, 2011

More Blackwork!

I have finished Serafina's blackwork! I have been recovering from surgery for the last few days and spent most of that time lounging on the couch watching TV and embroidering between ice packs and such. This is long enough for either a partlet collar or camicia front, so I can't wait to see what she does with it. It would also look awesome with added pearls and spangles (hint, hint).

After completing the above project, I started on a new one. This is obviously a more complicated pattern, and I thought I'd give poly-chromatic embroidery a try. I'm doing this on a smaller scale than the piece I did for Serafina; this is one strand of silk, with two threads of linen per stitch, as opposed to two strands of silk for the red, going over three strands of linen (the black details above are only one strand of silk, as I wanted it to look more delicate than the red).

Yes, I messed up on the red flower. I'm going to be picking that out and giving it another shot. I'm also not in love with the peach color, which is actually lighter in person than the image shows. It's very difficult to work with because it's so light. The blue is also so dark it's hard to tell it's different than the black. Hrm. Perhaps I should take a trip to the Needlepoint Joint and pick up a few more colors. What do you think?