Monday, June 20, 2011

Scroll: Order of the White Scarf

This is the scribal project I have been working on. It was awarded this weekend at Uprising War, alas I could not be there to see it happen. I had anticipated doing spirals beneath the birds originally, but scrapped them in a fit of scribal rage. I decided they were looking too feminine for this man.

This project was also full of lessons learned. Yes, even a very experienced scribe learns something every time they work on a project. Number one, confirm all name spellings, even if you are sure you've got it right. Check and double check.

I finished the knotwork bar on the left while doused with lortab after oral surgery. I'm a little surprised it didn't turn out more sloppy than it did. All in all, it was a very fun project, and I'm thrilled that Maestro Azir thought of me when choosing a scribe. I did his White Scarf scroll a number of years ago, and this was for his student, so that's pretty meaningful to me.