Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sottana Sleeves

I have several thoughts/ideas/inspirations for sleeves for my Sottana, and need to come to some sort of decision.  I hate making decisions.  My top choices, in no particular order are:

Spiral Sleeve - Neapolitan Woman from Moda a Firenze
White pinked sleeve from Allesandro Allori's portrait of Isabella de Medici

Paned sleeve from Bronzino's portrait of Eleanora de Toledo and Son

Pinked and striped sleeves - Painting associated with Allesandro Allori, 1535-1607

I do want to keep the baragoni (sleeve head/shoulder treatment) minimal with this Sottana as I will want to fit the sleeves under the Veste once I eventually get it done.  Or possibly make something removable/multiple sleeves.  Gah so many options!

My fabric choices include the butter yellow damask, and if the postal service doesn't lose my package for another month (growl/snarl), ivory silk taffeta or yellow silk taffeta, which I've yet to determine how well it will match.  Yikes!

I love love love the look of plain white pinked sleeves, but they are very similar to my elevation sleeves, sans the pearls and crystals, of course.  So that's currently at the bottom of my top choices, so to speak.  If my silk doesn't arrive, I may be stuck with the damask, which means the panes would be the best choice.  Plus, I haven't done paned sleeves since my first 'Bethan, back in '03 or '04. 

Thoughts?  Opinions?