Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Sottana Fail?

I have been ignoring my Sottana with much fervor.  Knowing this to be a BAD idea, considering the looming deadline, and worked on it this weekend.  I may have allowed my sewing-fu to get the worst of me.  That adage of measure twice, sew once?  Yeah... make that three times and think ahead if you're dealing with a patterned fabric that might require pattern matching.

I cut my skirt panels, originally with the premeditated intent to not worry about pattern matching.  It's got to be a period practice given the amount of fabric waste that can go into matching, and I figured the patterns would probably get lost in pleats anyway.

I was wrong.  I sewed two of the panels together and determined I hated it with the pattern all messy like that.  My inner Virgo-cusp yelled at me.  I picked apart the panels, made some matching happen, and re-sewed them together.  This of course made the panels not line up exactly, forcing a loss of length.  Now, I thought I'd be golden because being super scared about short hemlines, I cut them extra long.

I got to my third panel, and somehow, it was NOT cut on the grain.  I ended up having to trim a good five inches off the top to straighten it out, which will in turn make me lose additional length.  I gave up at this point, and have not yet determined the final damage.

The good news is that if I must, I can pick this panel off and cut a new panel, and use the failed panel to make sleeves.  I should have plenty of fabric for this.  The bad news is that I was so frustrated with my unfocused brainspace that I didn't take pictures, even though I got my dress form all assembled, and could have taken some mighty nice ones.

Oh well, another day.  Until then, enjoy this picture that amuses me, of a most NOT amused kitty.  Rudy dog came to visit us, and Sim Sim Salabim did her best Halloween kitty impression the whole time he was here, poofy fur and arched back galore.
"I'd better make myself look big!"