Monday, November 21, 2011

ACC Partlet and Sottana Update

I had some misgivings about my standing collar partlet, mainly about the heavy embellishment and how that would on both the inside and outside of the collar. My examples of full partlets with high collars do not have heavy embellishment like this on the inside of the neck.  This appears to only occur when worn with a high necked doublet or veste.  I had concerns about it damaging the inside of my veste if I did a full scale embroidered/beaded partlet that is not just the inside of the collar.  It is logical that different partlets existed to go with specific types of gowns. So after a nice brain licking session with Noelle (mainly to see if she saw the same issues I did and justified my changing directions), I have come up with a "plan B."

I will still be making my standing collar partlet, but not for wearing sans veste.  Speaking of standing collar partlet, I picked Holly's brain on doing something to get the star shaped "goldwork" effect without actually doing goldwork, and came up with an awesome plan.  I'm excited to share that with you too, when I am ready to go on it.  But, that's on the back-burner for the moment as I will focus on making a partlet more suitable for wearing just with the sottana:

Eleonora di Toledo, 1543
Agnolo Bronzino
Always remember, it's your prerogative to change your mind/plan a zillion times as an artist of any sort, including costuming.

For now, I'm focusing on finishing up my padded hem.  I'm about 3/4 finished with it... have I mentioned how HUGE this skirt is?  Pretty sure I hemmed for three hours last night.  I measured my hem using my dress form, which is more scientific than what I've done in the past (ball park eyeball, guess, and pray).  I've gotten lucky in the past with only having hems that are a smidge too long, which is a better problem to have than too short.  Let's all pray I get lucky again.

While I was hanging out with Noelle, I was reminded of how awesome it is to be with her and her little family.  Such snuggle-butts.