Friday, July 1, 2011

Sleeve Updates & Lists

Despite the break in blog etiquette, I'm posting without pictures.

Last night I worked on my sleeves, and I now have four sleeve-shaped tubeish things that need to be assembled into sleeves with linings. That shouldn't take too long, provided I am careful and don't sew the wrong pieces together/inside out. Been there, done that.

Last night Bethany also delivered a certain scroll-in-progress to me for me to do my contributions. This particular piece is super special to my heart, and already has the brilliant work of one amazing Duchess on it. So no messing up for me! I must work quickly in order to get it back to Bethany for her to finish.

So, my projects that are currently a priority are:
1. Scroll
2. Finish sleeves
3. Partlet for chocolate kirtle
4. Sew lacing rings into chocolate kirtle for sleeves
5. Finalize plan for ACC

Other, less projecty, but equally important tasks are:
1. Find dress to wear to Astrid's wedding
2. Beg/borrow/steal garb for Mark to wear to Baron's War (Sven's garb is going to be too large, and he doesn't have many tunics to spare anyway)
3. Decide whether to camp at Baron's War or not