Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Scroll

My portion of Serafina's scroll is complete. I tore through it this week, despite frustrations with it not manifesting itself the way scrolls in this style often do. Squirly darn thing. Bethany has her work cut out for her, bless her. I'm not sharing images just yet, but will do so in a few weeks after it has been presented.

I will be celebrating Theresa/Astrid's nuptials this weekend, and I'm super excited for her. She seems deliriously happy, and this is AWESOME. So this week is full of planning and prepping for that. I'd like to pick up some hot rollers (mine appear to have mysteriously disappeared, but then they were from the 1980's so it was probably time for them to go). Does anyone have any recommendations?

After the wedding, I'll be back to finishing the chocolate linen sleeves, and hopefully a quickie linen partlet for Baron's War. Then, I'm on to the ACC.