Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Surprise! I sewed a thing!

It's been literally ages since I've accomplished much by way of sewing.  I have, however, been very busy doing embroidery.  Unfortunately it's not exciting to post pictures of yet a few more inches of the same boring blackwork pattern.  I promise I'll share images when the overall project is done though!

So this weekend I hosted an undy-making day, which ended up being a party of one for the most part.  Hah!  C'est la vie.  The good news is I have a shiny new pair of drawers.  This is a "warm" pair, being made of some soft cotton twill.  Not the most period appropriate choice, but these will never be seen by anyone but me.  I have found this fabric choice to be wonderful for cold-weather events.  To further laugh in the face of historical accuracy, they have an elastic waistband, and have some super cute vintage heart lace to adorn my kneecaps.  No apologies from me on this - my drawers = my business.  Well, perhaps partly your business now that I've gone and put a picture of them on the internet...