Monday, April 29, 2013

The Kirk

Now I have to be honest... The Kirk is not 100% done.  I asked the husband to try it on so I could mark out the hem, the last remaining thing to be completed.  I'm pretty pleased with it, but he has lost a little weight since I started the project almost a year ago, so it's a little loose on him.  We're just going to roll with that though.  It gets belted in anyway, so I'm not altering it.  Especially since those side seams are all hand-sewn and hand flat-felled.

He decided that with his new buzzed head that he looks like Kerry King and therefore wanted an impromptu photo session.  What can I say?  He's got metal in his blood.

I'm finding that with each new piece I make, I learn new things.  This time, I've found that Sven's shoulders are pretty deeply sloped, making a true T-shaped tunic drape oddly on him. The armscye really does need to be cut in and fitted to him or it slides around and makes the neckline look very sloppy.  Duly noted.