Thursday, April 4, 2013

Marginalized. Also, Zombies.

Someone drew my attention to this via Facebook, but a bit of web-searchification, found the source.  So I won't directly show the image, but urge you to go over to Lapham's Quarterly to see a hilarious scribal/calligraphy related picture.  It's all about complaints made by medieval scribes.  I'm pretty sure I've made all the same complaints on occasion.  Love it.

Because no blog should be without pictures, here's a few for fun.  In honor of the new Evil Dead movie, there was a production of Evil Dead, the musical.  My friends and I dressed up like zombies, and went to the show (which was hilariously awesome).  Be jealous.

I am a melancholy zombie.
Jenny is a glamour-zombie

John, Kao, and Theresa are bored and hot zombies.