Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Book Review - Stranger Here

While this is not a blog dedicated to book reviews and the like, nor for dealing with my personal issues, but it is mine, and something that holds such impact on me simply must be shared.

Stranger Here from Molly McIntyre on Vimeo

Stranger Here by Jen Larsen is a book that touched me in more ways than I'm comfortable sharing. A candid memoir on a personal journey that surpasses being labeled "another weight loss story." This is not about weight loss, or surgery, but about the raw emotional journey Jen Larsen took in the human experience. I could relate on so many levels, and I have never had Weight Loss Surgery. Her narrative style was vivid and easy to read. She made me laugh and cry, cringe and smile with hope. We all run into circumstances that put us in a place we least expected... but we don't all have the talent and courage to share that with the world.

Her brutally honest voice cuts through social norms to show us all that we're not normal, and we all have problems we hate to admit.

I met Jen Larsen at a book signing shindig (she's an Ogden local now), and was introduced by a mutual friend, the lovely and talented Jenny Shaw of Indie Ogden. She was as beautiful and charming as could be, and clearly overwhelmed by how this book is touching so many lives. Her humble, nervous smile made me want to give her a hug.  Then she hugged me, so that pretty much made my day.

So go check it out!