Friday, April 8, 2011

Sleeves Done!

The Ginger dress is done at long last. Last night I opted to sew additional lacing rings to the shoulder straps, rather than sewing ribbons directly on it, so that I can change the color of the ribbons if I choose. This decision was somewhat based on the fact that I didn't find any fluttery ribbons on my quick jaunt to Hancock, let alone ones in the color I wanted. I was hoping for a springy color like butter yellow or salmon. I ended up with some eggshell twill tape. Not quite what I wanted.

At any rate, I can wear the sleeves now, and for some reason I have yet to take pictures of them. They are reversible!! I will be sure to obtain pictureness at Collegium. I will also be sporting my new laurel medallion which I commissioned from Deb at Time Travelling Traders.

I picked up some red coral beads as many portraits I've found are sporting lovely Italian beauties wearing coral bead necklaces. As jewelery making is outside my realm of expertise (and while I love it, I have to draw the line somewhere in my pursuit of hobbies), I will be commissioning the lovely Aine to help me come up with a way to wear said beads. She is brilliant, beautiful, and disgustingly talented. Everyone should go buy something from her right now.