Monday, April 11, 2011

Award of Arms - Lianor

This post is about four months late. I'm trying to be better about adding content, honest. Knowing that the lovely Lianor da Costa has an amazing knowledge and application of Spain and Spanish dress, I was disappointed in my own personal knowledge and inability to provide her with a scroll that would be more fitting her persona. This Award of Arms was done based on a page from the Hours of Catherine of Cleves, though I did use colors with Spanish influence. This piece was presented at Solstice Court in Loch Salann in December 2010.
I layered Holbein brilliant gold gouache to give an appearance similar to gold leaf over gesso. This adds both a hint of sparkle as well as some texture to the piece. All other paint is Winsor and Newton gouache. Click the image to see it in more detail.