Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ginger dress revisited

With Southern Regional Collegium coming up this weekend, I thought I'd better ensure I have something to wear. Weight fluctuations have rendered my garb wardrobe as a topic of annoyance, at best. So last night I pulled out my ginger and teal dress to find that I never did attach lacing in order to tie the sleeves on (oops). The one time I did wear this dress, I wore it Campi style with my smock sleeves rolled up.

Tonight I'm off to the fabric store to find some suitable twill tape or something, so I can finally call this project done. Oh, and yes, it still fits (woo!).

I will be doing a test-run on my new shoes at this event as well, which means I should go about finding some insoles so that I don't whine incessantly about foot pain by the end of the day.

In other news, I'm looking at getting assistance in building a tape double so that I can work solo instead of constantly dragging friends into my projects. Also, Sven's cousin will be visiting us for a month this summer, which means I'll need to make a tunic for him for Baron's War. Guess I should stop slacking, hm?