Friday, August 29, 2008


My beautiful and talented sister posted "Coexist" bumper stickers to her blog yesterdayish, and it reminded me that I nabbed this image, which I believe is also a bumper sticker, some years ago, and meant to share it with the world in some fasion. It's such a simple statement with deep meaning. The symbolism of this one, unlike those my sis posted, which are similar and equally beautiful, also adds peace and sexuality into it.

It's acutely frustrating to live in an area of the world where a huge number of the population is extremely closed minded - not necessarily on purpose, because many were just raised sheltered. I know I was, but I've had the world opened to me in ways many don't get the chance to, growing up in rural "mormon" Utah. I mean no offense to those who are practicing mormons. It's simply been my experience that mormons don't necessarily see the world in the same perspective as others.

I wonder how we as humans expect to be at peace with the world when we can rarely be at peace with ourselves.