Wednesday, August 20, 2008

100 Things About Crystal

  1. I have a passion for all things artistic
  2. I am pretty good at calligraphy
  3. I have like 40 some-odd trophies for clogging
  4. I did costume design for a college production of Trojan Women
  5. I did several posters for various plays in high school
  6. I went to college on an acting scholarship
  7. My favorite color is blue
  8. I'm legally blind
  9. I work for a nonprofit agency that helps low-income people become self sufficient.
  10. I am easily upset by stupid people
  11. I'm addicted to World of Warcraft
  12. I play role-playing games every weekend (Dungeons & Dragons tabletop style games)
  13. I have been playing in the Society of Creative Anachronism for about 12 years
  14. My SCA name is Jaquelinne de Radonvilliers
  15. I Love movies.
  16. I fell in a bonfire when I was a small child, which means I have lots of scar tissue over my chest and arms. Most people can't even tell though.
  17. I've only broken one bone in my life, and that was my collar bone when I was 18 months old.
  18. In high school I wore various colors of contacts from green, purple, aqua. I got tons of compliments on them.
  19. I like playing in photoshop
  20. I have Graves' Disease
  21. I met my ex-husband through my old website, Dark Sidhe Lair
  22. I met my current boyfriend through Ragnarok Online
  23. I've been dying my hair red for 14ish years. There's some redhead in the family, and I have a touch in me, but I like it to be bold.
  24. I love singing
  25. I love books. I have a significant library, many of which I've yet to read.
  26. I'm an anime freak. My favorites include The Slayers, Fushigi Yuugi, and Ranma 1/2
  27. I adore all things gothic. Music, clothes, everything.
  28. I'm a total girly-girl. Pink, sparklies, girly things make me happy.
  29. My favorite show is So You Think You Can Dance. Sadly though, I don't get TV reception at my apartment and am too cheap to pay for cable or satellite.
  30. I drive a PT Cruiser, a color that I lovingly call "Metallic Mud" which is a sort of bronze brown
  31. I turn 31 next month. This makes me sad.
  32. I have a thing for dragonflies. It's deeper than just collecting them, though I do that too. James used to say that the house was bugged. Jewellery, artwork, hair pins, misc. dragonflies cover my home.
  33. I recently discovered chai chillers, and it has become my new favorite drink.
  34. I have a small gargoyle collection, one which Clint won't let me enlarge because they freak him out.
  35. I love embroidery. I grew up doing counted cross stitch, but now my love belongs to blackwork or goldwork.
  36. I still haven't finished the angel cross stitch I started 12 years ago.
  37. My favorite thing about costuming is the design phase - drawing it out, picking fabrics, then doing embellishments. I dislike the cutting out and actual sewing it together parts.
  38. I am a firm believer in karma
  39. I would love to learn how to belly dance
  40. I also want to learn a foreign language
  41. One day I want a room dedicated to creation - art and sewing. A real studio with proper lighting and built in tables/desks and everything designed for my purposes.
  42. I have a huge crush on Doctor Who.
  43. I have a brilliant family. Seriously. They're all smarty pants in different ways. The genetics were good to us. ^_~
  44. My sister is the best sister ever. In the world. The age difference made it difficult for us when we were both young, but as I grew up she was always there for me to listen to my crap. Tiny 13 year old Shelye listening to my problems. Best listener ever.
  45. I love ethnic food. Greek, Indian, and Japanese are my favorites. Mmmm sushi...
  46. Every couple of years I get possessed to chop my hair off. It'll grow back from chin to waist within 2 years, so it's pretty much a cycle.
  47. Reeses Pieces are my favorite candy
  48. I'd love to be a voice actor for radio or something similar
  49. I used to want to be a stage actor
  50. I used to carry around a camera wherever I went, because I'd see art in everything I saw
  51. I want one of those new digital cams that are 8 megapixel, in fashion colors. I want PINK!
  52. I want a flatscreen monitor - my monitor weights about 5,000 pounds
  53. My Wacom stylus got lost in a move, which makes me sad.
  54. I'm a decent cook, when I put forth the effort, which is rare.
  55. I just got new glasses!
  56. I used to be upset that I didn't have children with James. Now I'm glad.
  57. Andrea Bocelli is my favorite opera singer
  58. I hate answering phones
  59. I only drink bottled water (unless in a pinch)
  60. I found that Avatar: The last of the airbenders is a surprisingly good show
  61. YouTube is an addiction of mine
  62. I'm a super snuggly huggy person
  63. High strung people irritate me. I try to be very laid back and easygoing
  64. I should be transcribing minutes instead of writing this.
  65. I'm an administrative assistant aka glorified secretary.
  66. I've been laid off several times in my life - once due to a corporate merger between American Stores and Albertsons, and once because of "company restructuring" from Fairbanks. At least I got severance packages.
  67. My friend Val's kids are like my own. If I ever have children, I hope they're like Ashlyn.
  68. I love perusing office supply places, both online and in person to find new ways to organize my desk. I'm addicted to this stuff like my sister.
  69. I guard the pens on my desk like a pitbull
  70. My taste in music is pretty wide-ranged. My playlist includes opera, classical, folk, alternative, rock, pop, and even French rap... I don't have any country here, and no modern American rap/R&B.
  71. I Love The Sims / The Sims 2. Totally addicted.
  72. My living room couches are maroon leather
  73. My dishes are blue willow and I love them.
  74. I collect geisha dolls
  75. I love dimples, and am sad I don't have them. But my Clint does!
  76. I love guys in kilts
  77. I love gamergeeks
  78. My favorite fruits are bananas and strawberries
  79. I'm extremely pale and like it that way.
  80. I have an aversion to the sun. I don't like it, it doesn't like me. I'll burn in 10 minutes flat, so I stay inside most of the time.
  81. Some friends call me a vampire due to the aforementioned paleness and aversion to the sun.
  82. I did professional translation work for a company called Kaneda that publishes games in France. Got paid in Francs. But I don't speak French. :P I helped a friend with questions to make sure meaning and syntax were correct when translating from French to English. He did the work, I just edited for grammar and such.
  83. I have recently become a fan of shoes. Wish I could wear better ones - my feet are small and wide. But I can now walk in heels without tipping over. (yay!) Just not spiked or super tall heels.
  84. I'm excited to be an Aunt again! Kenny and Morgan are expecting. :D
  85. I dislike most card games - not sure why.
  86. I love watching movies, especially musicals and movies with grit and depth.
  87. I'm a Libra, air elemental - it makes sense since my favorite thing about boating was feeling the wind go through my hair. I love flying and have reoccuring dreams that I can fly.
  88. I'm extremely introverted
  89. I'm a nerd
  90. I love making things beautiful... decorating, creating, whatever.
  91. At the highest, I had five piercings in my left ear, and 3 in the right for a total of 8. I'm down to 4 now.
  92. If I could go anyplace right now, it'd be Venice, Italy. Followed by Japan and Scotland.
  93. I'm often lost in thought and am a dreamer, but I'm not afraid of the darker side of life.
  94. I value honor and respect
  95. I often write bad poetry
  96. I often seem cold and distant to those who don't know me well, because I'm so often lost in my own thoughts, and so introverted.
  97. There was a time that I wanted to be a teacher
  98. I used to have two siamese kitties and I miss them very much. James got them in the divorce because they would not adapt to moving or being separated very well.
  99. I don't really follow current affairs / politics much, but I do love The Colbert Report
  100. I have been clinically depressed with an anxiety disorder for many years.