Monday, September 23, 2013

Frayed neckline - A fix!

After washing one of Sven's Norse under-tunics, I discovered that I had clipped my seams too close when turning and sewing in the neckline facing.  This caused some awful fraying.

Since this is a key area that takes stress, this would not do!  I took some fray Check and covered the offending area, carefully.  This will cause the fabric to stiffen up and will result in plasticy-scratchy fibers.  It may also create stains depending on your fabric, so apply with caution.  

After letting the Fray Check dry, I began running a blanket stitch around the entire neckline.  This added a subtle decorative edge, while also binding the offending frayed fibers back into place.  I eyeballed the stitching length and width, but for perfect accuracy, measure everything first!  I did this in white at Sven's request, but any color would work well and look good, to boot.