Sunday, September 8, 2013

New Ink

The beauty of having a husband that has parallel interests means we often get to share toys.  He recently purchased some new ink for use in his studies and writings, and happily shared with me.  This is "Black Swan in Australian Roses" by Noodler's Ink.

on Rodia lined notebook paper

Its shadows look like a dark burgundy-ish brown, which lightens to a brownish rose.  If it bleeds, it halos to a lovely dusky rose.  

On Bristol vellum finish art paper
Overall it has a lovely antique brown finish with warm rose undertones.  While not a period formula, it wouldn't necessarily look out of place on a medieval style manuscript.  It certainly would make gorgeous modern calligraphy come to life.

It flows smoothly, but will bleed out on porous papers - which could be beneficial for those looking for the rose halo effect.  As I detest bleeding, the right paper selection and nib size is important with this ink as it will soak down into the paper rather than pooling on the surface.

Do you have a favorite ink brand or color?