Monday, October 7, 2013

Brick Red Norse Tunic

Remember the brick red tunic I was working on for Sven?  No?  Not surprised.  Refresh your memory here.

Well I finished that tunic nearly two years ago, and never got a "Project Complete" photograph.  He's worn it several times but luck was never on my side.

This weekend was Artemisia's fall crown tournament, and he wore it again, and I managed to snap a photo this time.  Although, the sun rising over the mountains led to some interesting coloring.  I swear, there is no filter on this photo.

Both fortunately, and unfortunately, Sven has lost quite a bit of weight since I made this tunic, so it rather drowns him.  This is awesome for his health, but not so awesome for the huge amount of hand sewing I did on this piece.  I don't think I'll be taking it in, though I may have to take the sleeves up a bit.

The frigid temperatures as we set up site reminded me rather briskly that I need to step it up to finish making warmer clothes for Sven.  Perhaps a wrap coat and some wool pants.  His linen pants were far too lightweight to wear this weekend.

100% brick red linen
100% black linen
Silver/Red Celtic knot trim