Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sonnet 116

A friend of mine became extremely ill in January, requiring extensive hospitalization.  A group of us participated in an online auction of sorts, donating goods and services to raise funds to help his situation.  I donated a custom piece of calligraphy, suitable for framing.

It has taken an inexcusably long time to finish this, for which I have much to apologize for.  But Phae was the lucky winner.  She asked me to do Sonnet 116 by William Shakespeare.  Excellent choice.

This is 8x10 with a wide blank border on the left for additional decorations to be added.  I had extreme spacing issues and had to start this over four times before I got it down.  It was longer than I anticipated so had I continued on, I would have run out of paper.  Woe betide the scribe who fails to measure.

I used a slightly modified Gothic Textura Quadrata  with decorative cadels on the top line.  Higgins Eternal ink on Bristol smooth finish paper.

A a bit of a segue related to someone paying for calligraphy, I've been interested in starting a side business, doing calligraphy.  Does any one out there have advise or input on this?  Recommendations?  Suggestions?