Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Misc. Weekend

This weekend was full of a lot of crazy randomness, with house guests and the Utah Renfest, to boot.

While the husband was entertaining guests, I snuck away and made him some more bookmarks.  This set came out much better, as I pressed the trim both before cutting and sealing the edges, and after.  I also used some Mary Ellen Best Press to set them (Caribbean Beach and Lavender Field are my faves!).

We went to the Utah Renaissance Festival and Fantasy Faire on Sunday.  I'm sad to say it was not impressive.  Alas, a huge rainstorm on Saturday left the grounds a messy mudpit, and it was the last day of the faire, so merchants were low on awesome.  It even seemed like the entertainment was weak.

I was, however, able to pick up my headband from Sable Greyhound, and while the picture doesn't even come close to showing how amazing and sparkly it is, I'll post it anyway.  I think these don't like having their pictures taken because the crystals are so reflective.  Holly, if you're reading this, I think a little video might benefit you! I got compliments all day from strangers.

And while trying to capture the headband, I discovered that my aging face is kind of oddly foreign to me.  Has this happened to any of you?  It's not like I don't see myself in the mirror every day, but it's different in a photo.  Like... I really had no idea I had that much of a dimple.  Where did that come from?

Veil + wind + humidity = crazy fuzzy hairs