Thursday, February 28, 2013

Studio Update and other Ponderings

So Bella Lucia da Verona has announced the Italian Renaissance Costuming Challenge #3 (IRCC3) over at Realm of Venus.  These challenges have done a LOT in promoting Italian costuming/dress, and Bella is to be commended for her amazing work on these projects.  I've been thinking about entering, if only to push myself to actually finish some projects this year.  I hesitate though, because I have promises out for 3 scribal projects, and 3 sewing-related things for my hubby already (and clearly suck at getting anything done, whatsoever.  One of those scribal projects has been in the hopper for nearly a year - a wedding gift that is seriously late.

What do you think?  To enter, or not to enter?

I'm nearing completion on my studio space (two boxes left to unpack, and some final decorative items to go up).  What do you think (aside from the fact that I need to finish that Kirk tunic already)?

View from Stairs
Sewing and Serger Desk

Adjustable table and storage!

Adjustable table, art desk

View from rear corner

Art desk with light box