Tuesday, August 30, 2011


My progress on the ACC has been very slow to start. Thus, to get myself on track with the long list of things I wanted to accomplish with it, I set up a task list and aligned them with my calendar for due dates. Then, I discovered the awesomosity that is Astrid.com. It's an easy to use task list, which has a free Android app for my phone that also syncs google tasks. You can use Astrid to assign other people tasks, or follow other people's tasks like a stalker. And who doesn't want to be a stalker?

You can also set Astrid up to be a widget on your android phone so you can see today's tasks at a glance. Word to the wise though - Google tasks are weak - sync once to import your tasks, and then use Astrid exclusively. I had a background sync activated and Google over-rode the due dates I'd plugged in through Astrid. This is turned off now.

I'm super excited and on track now, as I now know how little time I actually have to accomplish my goals. Yikes! Time to get cracking!