Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Solstice Court

I was once again reminded how much I love court events and seeing everyone in their finery. Everyone looked fabulous and a certain few were absolutely glowing.

I finished my little Italian Bonnett in time, and even attached the feathers. I couldn't find my box of brooches though, so the aiglets I used to sew the feathers in place were in full view. Ah well, at least they were the fancy filigree ones. These caps were worn all over Europe, and were particularly popular in Spain, as seen here.

The bodice wore fairly well, though it felt loose and had wrinkles that made me sad. I'm not 100% certain how this is happening, becuase during the fitting phases, it was just fine. I speculate that the corset was tighter at the event than during fittings, and I probably lost weight in the last week. I know, a few pounds shouldn't make that big a deal, but my weight fluctuates on epic proportions, and when doign fittings, it's very likely that I was retaining water. I know, TMI.

I am in love with my new high necked smock, though the sleeve ties drove me batty. Anyway, further work will be done to tweek the bodice into behaving properly.

My camera died during opening court after one picture (d'oh!), leaving me sans photos. Fortunately Seraphina (Noelle) has awesome photographing skills, and snapped this shot of me during the lovely and talented Bethany's ceremony. Bethany was absolutely gorgeous, and I was incredibly honored to speak for her. I'm so proud of her.

I got to spend the day chatting with THL Eneas, Mistress Bengta, and trying not to drool on Aine's copy of Moda a Firenze. I must get a copy of this book. It shows up close, detailed images of Italian portraits, in color. There are several of the images I wasn't familiar with, and was extremely pleased to become so.