Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Court Barony for Conchobhar

Conchobhar is one of those people who is always busy doing things for other people. Always with a note of humor and sarcasm, and we love him for it. I was thrilled to be a part of his project, and excited to once again work with HE Bethany. She and I worked together on Conchobhar's White Scarf Scroll back in the day. What a wonderful thing to come together once again for him.

We based this piece on three things. Her Majesty Gwenevere and Conchobhar's collection of cats, combined with his nonstop heraldic work, in a late-period design.

Matriculation Register of the Rectorate of the University of Basel, Volume 1 (1460-1567),Parchment 232 ff 
Woodcutsof the Triumph of Maximillian I, c.1512-1519

After some planning calls, I did the layout, calligraphy, and acanthus border with gilded accents on Pergamenata. I used Pilot Irishuzoku Sumi ink, Windsor and Newton gouache, and gold leaf is adhered with miniatum ink.

The calligraphy hand on the inspiration piece appeared to be a transitional style that lands somewhere between Humanist and Secretary, so I sort of analyzed and tried to create something similar.

The piece (and my color palette, so our acanthus would match) was then passed on to HE Bethany, who did the illuminated letter, herald and gryphon, and the adorable cats. Note that Isis kitty will have none of the shenanigans, and is probably wondering where her box and sportsball are.