Monday, July 17, 2017

Baronial Archery Champion

The last month was spent focusing on projects and preparation for Artemisia XX Celebration, and a special Wedding gift project that I'll post about later. Therefore Midge Marsh Melee arrived in a hurried flurry. I had to prepare a scroll for the Baronial Archery Champion with less than a week to do so.

I found an inspiration image on the Bibliothèque nationale de France website, and decided to use the decorative "N" Cadel as the focal point. This would be a quick project but still look nice and fancy for the recipient.

Les premieres Œuvres de JACQUES DEVAULX , pillote en la marine 

Published in 1583, the "First Works of Jacques Devaulx" appears to be a nautical reference.

Lately I've been struggling with pain in my hands and wrists, which makes doing calligraphy and illumination a lot less fun than it has been. Medical testing is forthcoming, so hopefully we can resolve it. Sadly, as a result the calligraphy is a lot less precise than I'd prefer, but given the timeline for completion, it's a win. In retrospect, I should have done a batarde hand, but c'est la vie. Gothic Textura is one I do in my sleep, so that's just what came out.

In the end, Owen y Bwa ap Howell won the competition, and the scroll is in his hands.