Thursday, January 31, 2013

Stefan Lochner

One of my favorite prayer books is the Stefan Lochner Prayer Book. I completed a Golden Maple Leaf scroll based on his most public page, known as The Flight to Egypt, about ten years ago.

Darmstadt, Hessische Landesbibliothek
Golden Maple Leaf - Konrad von Krixen, A.S. 37 photo konradmapleleaf.jpg
Golden Maple Leaf Scroll, 2003

Stefan Lochner's organic sweeping movement captured my heart immediately.  I found this particular piece within the pages of Codices Illustres, easily one of my favorite source books.

I was thrilled when many years later I found a few more pages from the Stefan Lochner Prayer Book, and based another piece on one one of them (scanner bed cut off the edges!)

Laurel for Annys of Pengwyrn photo Annys_Laurel.jpg
Laurel Scroll, 2009
Sadly, the file in which I found this source image is lost, and I can't find it.  I think it's saved on my laptop which is now no better than a large paperweight (May it rest in peace).

I just found out, however, that there was a facsimile book printed, and I WANT IT. *flail*  Rare book though. Also, it turns out there was a school attributed to Stefan Lochner, and there are manuscripts done in his style, painted by Franz von Retz (1343-1427).  I smell some new inspiration coming on...

Do you have a favorite inspirational artist or style?