Thursday, December 27, 2012

Wedding Gown for Sale

I'm going to have to take some better quality pictures to show how truly beautiful this wedding gown is.  It is a Lady Roi gown, purchased in 2000.  It is a size 20 gown / 18 street clothes size.

This gown is customized with Italian Renaissance style sleeves.  It would be extremely easy to return the gown to its original tank style by unpicking the chiffon sleeves.  I'll even do it for you if you're interested and want that!

It is a princess ballgown silhouette in a gorgeous ivory satin with mocha satin details and embroidery that has Swarovski crystals accenting the embroidery on the bodice.  You will need your own hoop slip to get the full ballgown silhouette.

This gown has a Chapel length train with mocha buttons down the back, with custom french bustling added so you can dance in it (sorry I don't have any pictures of it with the bustle up, but will take some!).

This is the closest to true color - the other images are more pink than reality

This gown cost $500, and I'm asking for $300.  I'm willing to set up an account on etsy or elsewhere for safe transactions, and very willing to take better pictures as soon as I'm able.

Please spread the word to anyone you know who may be interested.  This is a great dress for a winter wedding with the sleeves as-is, or as I said before, easily converted back into a tank.

Friday, December 21, 2012

In the Beginning...

New craft/sewing/art space!  And yet with some dismay, I admit this is what it looked like as of 8:00 pm last night.
View from the Stairs
View from the back corner

It feels a bit overwhelming because one key piece of furniture is my sewing desk, which I don't yet own.  It's a Christmas gift from my wonderful husband, but we've yet to take the trip out to Ikea to pick it up.  I've already picked it out though, so that's half the battle.  It just feels awkward to try to unpack space when that is missing.  I'll do my best though!

A couple challenges:  The dark paneled walls. I hates them.  I don't have the resources or time to deal with that right now though.

Flickering fluorescent lights.  This is a major problem that MUST be addressed.  My brother is an electrician whom I hope to bribe into doing some work for me to fix this up (track lighting would make my heart so very happy!).  But I can't wait for that to be done before fixing up and unpacking everything.  There are tasks to be done!

I'll provide updates as I progress with organizing and putting this hot mess in order.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Hello?  *tap tap*  Is this thing on?

Where did 2012 go?  Remember this post of not all that ambitious goals?  Time to lay it all out there.  Well, you already know the truth if you read this.  2012 has been a crazy year of change for me, steeped in both disasters and awesomeness.

The only thing I completed on that list was to do a little calligraphy teaching.  I almost feel guilty for my lack of product and momentum.  But I don't! Hah!

This year I got married, had a series of major home issues including a basement flood, kitchen sink flood/pipe issues, broken dishwasher, broken fridge, and spent time out of town for a wedding reception back east.  Oh yeah... and we bought a house!  Woo!  This of course meant packing and moving, which has consumed all our time for the last several months.

We're in the home-stretch now though, and I am so very relieved and excited to get back onto a regular schedule, and to feel at home in a place that feels safe from disasters, and spacious.  We went from tiny and cramped to this light and airy divinity!

It's a major breath of relief.  I swear I almost hear an angelic chorus when I step into the house.  Oh yeah.  And we adopted a kitten.

Note that Miss Sim Sim Salabim is not too pleased with the new baby boy as clearly shown by her look of displeasure above (She's on the floor, looking up angrily).

I will be working on my craft studio shortly, and I intend to take before and after photos because the space is awesome but right now it's FULL of boxes and bins.  I also need to change out the fluorescent lights for something much more easy on the eyes and color-true.

Wish me luck!