Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Gryphon of Artemisia II

This, the second Gryphon of Artemisia scroll I've done was prepared for Sir Sagan von Ostensee. Only knowing him by way of stories/legend, and sight, it was somewhat difficult to select an inspiration piece. One day I'd love to actually be introduced to him and converse with him. Master Corwin Breemore's story/poem called The Teacher is inspiring and beautiful... and was written about Sir Sagan. The man IS a legend, across several Kingdoms.

Anyhow, I decided to do a piece that is inspired by the Visconti Hours, in that it has architectural elements within the Versal. That is about where it ends though, as Visconti was well known for using pale colors - pastel blues and pinks. I chose to use more bold colors, in order to make it more masculine.

I easily spent over 3 hours on the white-worked acanthus leaves alone, but I think the effort was well worth the time spent.

Gothic Textura Quadrata in Higgins Black Magic ink, using Braus nibs on Bristol Vellum Finish paper. Winsor & Newton Gouache, and Holbein Brilliant Gold Gouache in the illumination.