Wednesday, April 4, 2018


I owe the blogosphere a post regarding the knighthood scroll I did, but this post is a much more quick and easy write, so it comes first.

Many of you know that my dear husband is an audio/video recording artist/producer/engineer. He has been working with a very talented artist, Desdemona, in recording and producing his latest song, Whispers. They then recorded a music video which I assisted with. In working with him, he requested assistance with his band's logo.

He wanted a Capital D done in fancy calligraphy (technical term is cadel). During our conversations, he mentioned that his family coat of arms included several bats, so when I did a mock-up of a design idea, I included a bat as part of the design. Seems that was a win.

The logo was incorporated into the music video with animation.

You can check out the Desdemona Music Video over at his YouTube Channel.

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