Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Gryphon and Tablet Scroll

I was most pleased to be asked to do the Gryphon and Tablet scroll for Fiametta da Trastavere, which is our Baronial award for teaching. Having the honor of being the premier member of the order, I have some vested interest in its membership. Baroness Magistra Fiametta has proven her worthiness of entering this order. 

I struggled with what kind of scroll to do, and even toyed with the idea of a non-traditional award. In the end, I went with tradition, when I found an inspiration piece that screamed Fiametta.

 AN II 3, p. 111v – Matriculation Register of the Rectorate of the University of Basel, Volume 1 (1460-1567)

Fiametta's name means "little flame" and her device includes a flaming heart. The decorative cadel immediately reminded me of flames, and while I didn't see it at first, others pointed out to me that the shape read as a heart, making it even more appropriate.

Close-ups, one with flash, one without

This piece is done on pergamenata with Pilot Iroshizuku Take-sumi ink and Winsor & Newton gouache. Gold accents are finetec pigments.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

May the Fourth Be With You

To celebrate May the Fourth, the Viridian Center in Salt Lake City hosted a Star Wars night full of fun activities. One of those activities was the "Coruscant Saber Training School," made possible by the awesome folks from the Barony of Loch Salann, and House Sith, AKA my own dear husband and his epic collection of lightsabers, and a few of our amazing friends. This was obviously not an SCA-centric event, but some members chose to help out, as the Viridian Center has been good to the Barony.

I didn't make anything for this event, but did go to support it, and to have fun. My dearest darling Sith Husband wore his Cosplay alter ego, Darth Aeo. I'm just sharing pictures, because it was super fun.

We had several people teaching sword-play moves, and then people would duel at will. We seemed to have a good reception.


Jedi Cynric protecting Senator Fancypants

Photo by Backdropz