Thursday, April 16, 2015

Fiametta's Laurel

Last August I jointly worked on a project with a crew of ridiculously talented individuals. I hadn't blogged about it previously, because I never got a picture of the final, finished product. Well, I've decided to write about it anyway because I *do* have pictures of my part, and an in-progress photo as well.

The team comprised of:

Scroll design/layout by: Yamnouchi Eidou
Calligraphy by: Maîtresse Jaquelinne de Radonvilliers, OL
Illumination by: HE Bethany of Windermere, OL, Lady Malatesta, Duchess Caryn von Katzenberg, OL, and Lady Allesandria de Capella

Eidou started the project by compiling a Pinterest page full of late Italian manuscripts to use as inspiration, and collecting a list of Fiametta's "wishes," which included diapering and sparkle. I asked him to include pearls because when she became an apprentice to Duchess Caryn, she dissected a pearl necklace and gave pieces to her friends. We decided that the calligraphy should be in Humanist, and I volunteered.

Lord Eidou created the layout and made it available electronically for me to print out and use to trace out the final scroll. This was a great way to collaborate across two Baronies to make this project more successful. Duchess Caryn and Lord Eidou crafted the text, which I then had to tweak just a hair to get it to all fit in the space available on the end product.

I then passed the piece on to the Illumination team to go wild. This is an "In-Progress" picture, provided by Duchess Caryn.