Monday, July 28, 2014

Archery Champion Scroll

When I saw a page in the Hours of Catherine of Cleves depicting various archery/crossbow paraphernalia, I knew I wanted to one day use it as an archery award.  Thus, when the opportunity arose that our Kingdom needed an Archery Champion scroll, to be awarded the evening of the archery competition.

The winner ended up being HL Owen ap Howell.  It's awesome to see him out shooting again.

This is done on Bristol vellum finish paper with Pilot Iroshizuku black ink, and Winsor & Newton gouache.  I did add a touch of sparkle with some Finetec metallic gold pigment.  The calligraphy is Gothic Textura Quadrata.  The name is left blank in the pictures, because I took the photos before shipping the piece to Idaho where the competition was held.

All in all, I have to be honest in that I didn't much like this piece.  While I was excited in the beginning, I quickly got bored of the whole design and its floating archery...stuff.  I guess my heart lies with super colorful flowery designs.  Oh well, I hope it is enjoyed by Owen, because in the end, that's what it's about.