Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Golden Sun in Splendor Scroll

Golden Pillar - Hauk McLean, A.S. 38 photo haukpillar.jpgI recently completed another Golden Sun in Splendor scroll, this one for a very deserving Hauk MacLean.  This was kind of exciting for me to do, because in my early scribal days (11 years ago!) I did his Golden Pillar scroll (as shown here).  Both awards are for service to the Kingdom of Artemisia.  The Golden Pillar is an "Award of Arms" level, and the Golden Sun in Splendor is a "Grant of Arms" Level.  I personally feel both these awards are so very important and love seeing them given out!  Recipients are true nobles who give back to this society.
The pictures looked fine on my phone, but here are a touch blurry - how disappointing. I worked with Hauk's amazing lady to personalize it for him, using his colors, his device, and the ladybugs are representative of his two adorable daughters, whom he calls "little bug," and "big bug."

It was requested that I use a hand that was easily read - not needing a translation just to understand what it says.  I'm afraid my Uncial and half-uncial are under-utilized and I'm sorely out of practice.  It's not my best calligraphy, but I think it met the request.