Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Golden Sun in Splendor Scroll

The lovely and talented Mistress Bethany of Windermere asked me to collaborate with her on a Golden Sun in Splendor scroll for Cathryn Anne of Newbury.  Bethany provided me with inspiration piece she wanted to use, and asked me to do the calligraphy in the space allotted on her layout.  Of course, I forgot to note what the inspiration was in order to tell all you good folk, but trust me, it's pretty.

Since the inspiration was in a columnar format, I decided to roll with it and divide up the space provided.  I practiced several times to make sure the nib size and formatting ended in a balanced piece of calligraphy. Aside from a minor spacing snafu, it turned out pretty decent.

Then it went back to Bethany for illumination.  Obviously, it turned out amazing, because that's all Bethany does.  Cathryn Anne is mundanely from Australia, hence the kangaroo and other little references in the illumination.
Photo by Valerie Scarbrough

If you were given an award, what little personalized references would you want hidden in the illumination that makes it "all yours?"