Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Five Foundations Challenge

I have decided to join Mistress of Disguise's Five Foundations Challenge this year.

Unlike her awesomely impressive project list of doing five items in each category, I will aim for doing one in each category.  I know my speed, capabilities, and need, and one per category is sufficient for me at this point.

Challenge 1 - Shifts and Chemises

I have been working on embroidery for cuffs and collar for a high-necked smock, and hope to finish that in order to apply it to this challenge.

Challenge 2 - Stays and Corsets

My stays are about five years old, and don't fit well due to weight fluctuations.  I'd like to make a new set in order to make my wardrobe more versatile.  I have several boned kirtles, but that only goes so far.

Challenge 3 - Petticoats

I desperately need more petticoats.  I only have one, and it's getting pretty ragged.  No excuses other than laziness.  I have fabric in the stash - it's time to make it happen.

Challenge 4 - Skirt Supports

This one is a little tougher as I'm in no mood to redo my farthingale as much as it needs it... perhaps a remodel could count?  I need to remove the bones and bleach the living hell out of it, and re-insert the bones as well.  I may also make a corded petticoat - do we think this could count?

Challenge 5 - Finishing Touches

A new pocket needs to happen, and I'm also making several partlets (or at least plan to!)