Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Birth of Awards

I had a bit of a funny realization this afternoon.

When a new Barony is created in the SCA, awards are thusly created by the Baronage to recognize their populace in various ways. I have had my hand in a good number of the premier scrolls (i.e. the very first recipient) for these new awards. Being the premier of an order is a pretty nifty thing, and I'm honored that I was able to be a part of that experience for the very deserving recipients of these awards.

Cero e Luce/Sero Luce, now called Gryphon and Candle, the Gryphon's Lair Arts and Sciences award:
Bethany of Windermere, Premier
Premier Sero e Luce, Bethany of Windermere

Flame of Pharos, the Gryphon's Lair Service award:
Meraud des Belles Feuilles, Premier
(I did the calligraphy only. Illumination is by Grifon de Radonvilliers.)
Flame of Pharos - Meraud des Belles Feuilles

Vesica Presul, Gryphon's Lair Rapier award:
Vilhelm Silberhammer, Premier
(Calligraphy only, Illumination by Bethany of Windermere.)
Vesica Presul