Friday, February 20, 2009

Projects, Etc.

I do have more projects in the works that I will be posting here but there are a few things going on in life that have hindered that.

1. I'm moving! Thusly everything I own is being systematically boxed up and relocated. It will take me some time to get settled and into the groove.
2. My camera is the dead. Actually, I think it's just the battery, but for the cost of a new battery, I can get a better camera. So I was holding out until I could save up and get something nice. Luckily my super generous and hot boyfriend gave me a new camera for Valentines. Best valentines gift I've ever received. <3 We actually had to order it in special, so I go to pick it up tonight.
3. The scroll I'm working on must be given out before I'll post it here. So there.
4. Making garb right now is not really going to work, speaking responsibly. In a few months I'll reassess my garb situation.

The super good news is that my new flat has THREE bedrooms! This means that perhaps I will be able to set up my sewing table all proper-like, instead of using the dining table for such activities.