Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Scroll Case

Oh, this poor neglected blog... 

So I haven't been creating too much lately, or at least not that which I can share at this point, so here's a little something I made to help safely transport the Archery Champion scroll to its destination. My aim was that it's merely for transportation, and that the recipient return the case to their local group or Kingdom for re-use once they have their scroll safely at home.

I cannot make any claims as to the color-safety of keeping a piece of art in a fabric covered case for a significant amount of time, which is why it's important to pass the case on as quickly as possible. It's also important to note that because it's made of plain cardboard and fabric, it is not water-safe. At least, not for more than a drop or two.

This case is made with two custom-cut pieces of cardboard, which I cut specifically to be a good size for this scroll. Since this is a standard size paper, it will be good for many pieces in the future. The cardboard is about one inch larger than the paper on all four sides. 

I then sewed a cover for the cardboard using some remnant fabric in my stash. When sewn, I slid the cardboard leaves into the pockets and voila!

I chose to adhere the scroll to the case with a small piece of drafting tape (a very lightly-adhesive tape that will not damage the paper, made specifically for art projects - do not use masking tape!). Some people make similar cases with elastic bindings to help keep the scroll in the case, but I didn't want anything rubbing tightly against the artwork save the soft fabric itself. When the case is closed, there was little risk of it slipping out anyway, especially when treated with the care a piece of art deserves.

If there is interest, I'll make a step by step tutorial.