Friday, August 23, 2013


I've been trying to expand my skill-set in calligraphy, and when I found out an old high school friend was getting married, I offered to do something for her.  She asked me to come up with a Monogram for her thank you cards.

Being very new to this, I was extremely nervous and did a lot of research on monograms.  It's tricky business, "marrying" letters together in a way that creates a balanced, aesthetically pleasing image.  I came up with the lettering concept and sent it to Lorien for proofing, and she seemed thrilled.  I asked a few questions in order to come up with a frame for the letters, and she gave me very valuable input.

The overall image is very...busy... but it fits their love of steampunk.

This was an awesome learning experience, particularly when it comes to digitizing the image to send to the client.  This is an area I could certainly improve on.  But so long as the client is happy, I'm happy.

Disclaimer:  The frame is from Florid Victorian Ornament by Karl Klimsch, a book in the Dover pictoral archive series, meaning the designs may be used for free for graphic and craft applications.  I would have drawn something free-hand loosely based on this, but due to time constraints (so Lorien could have this prior to her wedding day), it is an exact copy.